Yuenyeung originates from Hong Kong, where approximately 2.5 million cups of this drink are consumed annually.


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Is it possible to mix coffee with tea and create a balanced and flavorful beverage? The idea may seem quite unusual, but such drinks exist and are even popular in Asian countries and beyond.

Our colleagues from Perfect Daily Grind have shared information about unusual tea and coffee beverages: yuenyeung, kopi cham, and spreeze. In this article, we will provide a translation and discuss the taste and features of these drinks.

Yuenyeung: a drink that combines tea, coffee, and condensed milk

Yuenyeung is a tea and coffee drink with the addition of condensed milk. Condensed milk is added to make it thicker and sweeter. In terms of taste, yuenyeung is moderately bitter without excessive sweetness. Mike, the manager of Hypebeans store, says, "It is the perfect coffee beverage that combines the silky texture of milk tea with the rich taste and aroma of coffee."

Yuenyeung originates from Hong Kong, where approximately 2.5 million cups of this drink are consumed annually. It is served in almost all traditional tea houses and restaurants.

Yuenyeung originates from Hong Kong

Yuenyeung originates from Hong Kong

In the Lan Fong Yuen tea house, it is believed that the drink originated in 1952. Initially, it was intended for drivers and workers to help them stay alert and awake during their shifts.

The drink received its name due to the balance of flavors. Yuenyeung is also the name for mandarin ducks, which symbolize marital love in Chinese culture. These birds usually appear in pairs, with the male and female looking different. The name of this dissimilar pair is used for the tea and coffee beverage as well.

You can try making yuenyeung at home. To do this, you will need Ceylon black tea, coffee, water, condensed milk, and optionally, ice. Some recipes recommend a tea-to-condensed-milk-to-coffee ratio of approximately 2:1, while others suggest a 50:50 ratio. However, the exact proportions and mixing method may vary.

  1. Boil finely crushed black tea leaves in water. Use about 1 tablespoon of tea leaves per 150 ml of water.
  2. Let the mixture steep in a pot for approximately 3 minutes.
  3. Add approximately 200 ml of condensed milk for every tablespoon of tea leaves used in the infusion.
  4. Simmer the infusion over low heat for another 3 minutes.
  5. Add coffee to the mixture.
  6. Strain and serve hot or with ice.

Similar beverages resembling yuenyeung can be found in other countries, typically in regions with predominantly Asian populations.

Variations of Yuenyeung in Other Countries

We will now discuss similar tea and coffee beverage options and where you can find them.

Kopi Cham (Spreeze) in Ethiopia

Kopi Cham is a well-balanced drink that combines tea with sugar and a shot of espresso. In terms of taste, you can experience the floral notes of black tea with the bitterness of espresso. Locals refer to it as a "refreshing beverage" or Spreeze.

Kopi Cham in Malaysia or Singapore

Kopi Cham is a drink made from strong black tea with sugar, mixed with condensed milk and coffee. The proportions of the ingredients are almost the same. The beverage is served hot or cold.

Wonda Tea Coffee is a drink that combines tea and coffee

Yuen Yeung Frappuccino Blended Cream is a beverage made with a coffee or cream base, blended with ice and topped with whipped cream and flavored syrups. It was sold in Hong Kong and Macau in the summer of 2010.

Wonda Tea Coffee from Japan

Wonda Tea Coffee is a drink that combines tea and coffee. It was launched by Asahi Soft Drink Co. in 2018. It was primarily marketed as tea with a coffee flavor to introduce a love for coffee to the population. The reaction to the beverage was mixed, with some finding it delicious while others compared it to a cleaning product.

There are other ways to mix coffee and tea as well. For example, some people order a tea latte and mix it with a shot of espresso, creating their own version of Yuenyeung.

Will these unconventional combinations become the norm for us?

Unconventional combinations are gaining popularity. People are experimenting and discovering new experiences by mixing coffee and tea together. Therefore, in addition to the well-known beverages like Yuenyeung, Kopi Cham, and Spreeze, new combinations are not out of the question.

Now, tell us, how do you feel about such beverages?

FAQ: Tea and Coffee Beverages

There are several popular tea and coffee beverage combinations, such as Yuenyeung, Kopi Cham, and Spreeze.
o make Yuenyeung, you'll need Ceylon black tea, coffee, water, condensed milk, and optional ice. Boil the tea leaves, let the mixture steep, add condensed milk, simmer, and then add coffee. Finally, strain and serve hot or with ice.
Yuenyeung has a moderately bitter taste with a silky texture from the milk tea and a rich coffee flavor.
Some variations, like Yuen Yeung Frappuccino Blended Cream, have made their way onto the menu at certain coffee chains, such as Starbucks
Yuenyeung originated in Hong Kong and has become a popular beverage in the region, with millions of cups consumed annually.
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