Colombia Aluminum pods

Tart citric acidity • cocoa • lemon-lime

Compatible with Nespresso Original Line coffee machines

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Roast: Medium

Process: Washed

Variety: Castillo, Colombia

FARM: Asmucafe Women Producers

Altitude: 1850-1900 MASL

Body: 🟤🟤🟤⚪️⚪️

Acidity: 🟤🟤🟤🟤⚪️

We are delighted to offer you a delightful Colombian specialty coffee with medium roast and conveniently packaged in small aluminum pods compatible with Nespresso machines.

Specialty coffee Produced by the dedicated women of the ASMUCAFE organization. ASMUCAFE, which stands for Asociación de Mujeres Agropecuarias de Uribe, is a collective of women farmers and landowners based in El Tambo, a municipality within Cauca.

Our Colombian specialty coffee in Nespresso compatible aluminum capsules provides a truly remarkable taste experience, marked by a zesty citric acidity, skillfully balanced with a sweet undertone and a smooth, satisfying mouthfeel.

This specialty coffee boasts a pleasant medium body (3/5) and a bright, lively acidity (4/5), making it ideal for those who enjoy a morning espresso cup.

The coffee, consisting of either the Castillo or Colombia variety, is harvested as purple (Castillo) or bright red (Colombia) cherries. It goes through a unique "double" fermentation process, as explained by the women: Initially, the cherries remain in loading hoppers for 14 hours before being depulped during the afternoon and evening.

They are then placed in traditional open fermentation tanks for an additional 10 hours. Following this, the beans are washed three to four times and dried in parabolic dryers or under the sun for 8–12 days.

Savor the exceptional quality of this coffee, a tribute to the rich Colombian coffee tradition and the outstanding work of the ASMUCAFE Women Producers.

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FAQ for Our Colombian Specialty Coffee in Aluminum Pods

What roast level are these Colombian specialty capsules?

Our Colombian specialty capsules are roasted to a medium level, ensuring a balance between the coffee's natural flavors and the roasting characteristics.

Are these capsules compatible with all coffee machines?

These specialty capsules are compatible with Nespresso Original Line coffee machines. Please ensure your machine is Nespresso-compatible before use.

What taste experience can I expect from these aluminum coffee pods?

Our Colombian coffee in the Nespresso pods delivers a zesty citric acidity, beautifully balanced with sweet undertones, and a smooth mouthfeel. Its medium body (3/5) and vibrant acidity (4/5) make it perfect for those who cherish a refreshing espresso shot in the morning.

Why choose aluminum coffee pods?

Our aluminum coffee pods ensure a tight seal, preserving the coffee's freshness and aroma. They're also durable, ensuring that the quality of the coffee remains intact from our facility to your espresso machine.

How can I best store these Nespresso pods to ensure maximum freshness?

To preserve the coffee's freshness, keep the Nespresso pods in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. It's best to keep them in their original packaging until use.