Sample Set of 7 Specialty Coffee

1oz / 30gr each bag

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✔️ Sea Star • Latin America • Dark Chocolate • Nuts • Berries

This medium roasted coffee blend contains Arabica from Brazil, Columbia and Costa Rica. 

Sea Star has low acidity and high sweetness in body. For classic taste lovers, who likes note of chocolate and roasted nuts, this premium coffee blend will be the best choice. LEARN MORE

✔️ Colombia • Cocoa • Lime • lemon

Colombian whole bean coffee from women producers of ASMUCAFE organization. 

This specialty coffee has a delightful medium body (3/5) and a bright, lively acidity (4/5), perfect for those who appreciate a vibrant and sophisticated cup. LEARN MORE

✔️ Ethiopia • Jasmine • tropical • fruits • berries

The exquisite Sidama region in Ethiopia is the source of this single-origin whole-bean coffee.

The delicate body (2/5) and medium acidity (3/5) make it a perfect choice for those who relish a harmonious, velvety-smooth, and sweet-tasting cup. LEARN MORE

✔️ Kenya • Savory, Brown sugar, cooked pear, juicy orange

amazing Kenya specialty whole-bean specialty coffee that comes from the Kirinyaga region.

This coffee has a robust body (4/5) and a medium acidity (3/5), with notes of brown sugar, cooked pear, and juicy orange. It's very common for Kenyan coffee flavor profiles to have savory tomato-like notes, bright tropical fruits, and citric acidity. LEARN MORE

✔️ Brazil • Sweet, soft, pecan and almond flavors

This single-origin Brazilian Coffee comes from Minas Gerais region. Serra Negra or “black mountain” is a profile that is designed to capture the most classic profile of that region.

Ideal for those who appreciate a well-balanced and elegant cup, this coffee will elevate your daily ritual with its distinguished taste and professional finesse. LEARN MORE

✔️ Costa Rica • Strawberry • watermelon • caramel • dark chocolate

This specialty whole bean coffee from Costa Rica was sourced from Don Sabino Micromill a father-son project that produces meticulous coffees in what seems like "simple" conditions, but with incredible care and attention to detail.

This distinguished microlot Costa Rica coffee is featuring a delicate body (2/5) and a mild acidity (3/5), perfect for those who appreciate a juicy, sweet, and smooth cup. LEARN MORE

✔️ Guatemala • Almonds • cocoa • cranberry

This specialty washed Guatemalan coffee from the ASPROCDEGUA-producing organization of small farms in the Huehuetenango region is a mild and sweet coffee with a citric undertone.

This coffee has a delicate body (2/5) and low acidity (2/5), making it an balanced choice. LEARN MORE


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What countries or regions are represented in this set?

The set features coffees from Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Guatemala.

I'm new to specialty coffee. Is this sample set suitable for beginners?

Yes, this sample set is perfect for beginners. It offers a diverse range of flavors and profiles, giving newcomers a comprehensive introduction to the world of specialty coffee.

Are the coffees in this set single-origin or blends?

Most coffees in this set are single-origin, representing their respective regions. However, Sea Star is a blend from Latin America.

Are there any coffees in the set with low acidity?

Certainly! The Guatemalan coffee from the Huehuetenango region, Brazil, and the Sea Star blend are characterized by low acidity levels, making them smooth and easy on the palate.

How is this sample set packaged?

The sample set is curated with care, ensuring each coffee is separately packed and labeled, allowing you to easily identify and enjoy each unique offering.