Aeropress is one of the most popular ways of brewing coffee and even has its own world championship held every year. So if you're a minimalist, traveler, or living on your own and need to brew coffee quickly, this is the coffee maker for you.

Aeropress makes a perfect cup of coffee with hot water and ground coffee within just a few steps. Completing one or three cups of coffee takes around one to two-and-a-half minutes, depending on your preferences.

The Aeropress is a plastic tube with a piston mechanism, where pressure from the push of the handle led to a faster brewing time and clean result. You can be creative when brewing your Aeropress. If you want a brighter cup of coffee, use a fine grind and brew for a short time. If you want a full, and balanced flavor, you can use a coarse grind and brew for a longer time.



Original Aeropress device


with adjustable grinding size

Paper filter

round one for Aeropress

Bottled water

180ml (6 fl oz) of filtered water preferably with mineralization 100-150ppm


Preferably with temp sensor


You can use phone

Coffee beans

18-20 gr of light or medium roast


Preferably with measuring step 0.1 gr

STEP 1. Filter installing

STEP 1. Filter installing

Heat the water.
You can boil it and then leave it for a minute or two to get to the desired temperature.
Install the paper filter into the Aeropress filter cup.
Pour the hot water on the filter to rinse it and stick to the cup.

STEP 2. Preparing an Aeropress

STEP 2. Preparing an Aeropress

Pull a plunger as much as possible, but don't pull it out completely.
Turn the Aeropress over by placing it on the scales.
Grind coffee medium fine (white sugar).
Pour the ground coffee into the Aeropress.

STEP 3. Brewing

STEP 3. Brewing

Heat the water to 90 C (194 F).
Pour 50 g of water into the Aeropress.
Wait for 30 seconds, and let the coffee bloom.
Then add the rest 130g of water and leave it for 60-90 sec.

STEP 4. Finishing

STEP 4. Finishing

Cover the top with a cup with paper filter

STEP 5. Pushing

STEP 5. Pushing

Quickly turn the Aeropress over, placing it on a carafe or a cup.

Start pushing the plunger for 30 seconds until you hear the sizzling sound.

Discard the filter, keep an eye on the cup as you can easily throw it out together with used coffee.

STEP 6. Enjoy!

STEP 6. Enjoy!

Enjoy the coffee!
As coffee cools down it will become more vibrant and acidic.