Coffee drip bags are a convenient and easy way to brew a single cup of coffee without the need for a coffee maker or additional equipment. These drip bags are pre-filled with ground coffee, similar to a tea bag, and can be used by simply pouring hot water over the bag and letting it drip through into a cup.

Drip bags are perfect for coffee lovers on-the-go, or for those who want to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee without the hassle of traditional brewing methods. They are also a great option for those who live in small spaces or who are traveling and don't have access to a coffee maker.

Overall, coffee drip bags offer a convenient, affordable, and easy way to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee at home or on-the-go. They are perfect for anyone looking for a quick and hassle-free way to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee without sacrificing taste or quality.


Drip bag

Drip bag filter with coffee


Preferably with measuring step 0.1 gr


For this recipe you will need the kettle with a gooseneck

Bottled water

200 ml (7 fl oz) of filtered water preferably with mineralization 100-150ppm

STEP 1. Preparing

STEP 1. Preparing

Start by boiling water in a kettle or pot up to 93°C/200°F (if no termometr just let it cool 1 minute after boiling). Use bottled water and bring it to a boil.

While the water is boiling, remove the drip bag from its packaging and tear open the perforated strip.

STEP 2. Set up server/mug

STEP 2. Set up server/mug

Set up your mug or server under the drip bag. Tear open the drip bag along the perforated edge and make sure the bottom of the bag is open.

STEP 3. Placing drip bag

STEP 3. Placing drip bag

Slip the handles over the edges of your mug or server .

STEP 4. Brewing

STEP 4. Brewing

Pour a small amount of hot water over the grounds to moisten them. This will help the coffee release its flavor.

Pour the rest of the hot water slowly over the drip bag in a circular motion. Use approximately 200-250 ml of water per bag, depending on your desired strength.

Make sure the drip bag position above coffee level in the mug to avoid over extraction.

STEP 5. Brewing

STEP 5. Brewing

Wait for the coffee to drip through the bag and into the cup. This usually takes around 3-4 minutes, depending on the size of the bag and the coarseness of the grounds.
Once the coffee has finished dripping, carefully remove the drip bag and discard it.

STEP 6. Enjoy!

STEP 6. Enjoy!

Enjoy your coffee cup

Coffee drip bag faq

What is a coffee drip bag?

A coffee drip bag is a single-use filter bag filled with pre-ground coffee that can be used to brew a single cup of coffee.

How do I use a coffee drip bag?

To use a coffee drip bag, simply tear open the package and remove the bag. Place the bag over your mug or cup and pour hot water over the grounds. Wait for the coffee to drip through the bag and into your cup, and then dispose of the used bag.

Are coffee drip bags environmentally friendly?

Coffee drip bags are made from materials that are biodegradable and compostable, so they are considered to be more environmentally friendly than traditional coffee pods or capsules. However, it's important to dispose of them properly and check with your local recycling guidelines.

What types of coffee are available in drip bags?

Coffee drip bags are available in a wide range of coffee blends and flavors, from light to dark roast, single-origin to blends, and decaf options. This allows you to choose the perfect coffee to suit your taste.

Are coffee drip bags more expensive than other coffee options?

Coffee drip bags are an affordable option for those who want to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee without the need for expensive equipment or coffee makers. They are comparable in price to other single-use coffee options like pods or capsules, and they often come in packs of multiple bags for added value.